Please read the following notes before starting the registration process:


1. Conference Registration

If the paper is accepted, at least one of the authors will be required to register in order to include the paper in the proceedings. Presentation of two papers with a single registration is not allowed. The author registration fee is:



Registration Fee

Early registration

Before March 20, 2022

Late registration

After March 20, 2022

Authors (Regular)

            500 USD / 3000 RMB

       500 USD / 3200 RMB

Authors (Student)

            480 USD / 2800 RMB

       500  USD / 3000 RMB


            480 USD / 2800 RMB

       500  USD / 3000 RMB

Additional Paper(s)

           480 USD/ 2800 RMB

       500 USD / 3000 RMB

Additional Page

     50 USD / 300 RMB per Page

  50 USD / 300 RMB per Page

Oral Presentation Only

            100 USD / 600 RMB

       200 USD / 1000 RMB


             100 USD /600 RMB

      200 USD / 1000 RMB

Additional Copy

       50 USD / 300 RMB for One

  50 USD / 300 RMB for One


It includes:

Ø  A copy of the proceedings

Ø  Access to all conference sessions, keynote speeches, symposium and symposia

Ø  Coffee breaks, lunches and one conference dinner

Ø  Program brochure and conference goodies



Ø  Accepted paper will be published in the proceedings only for author registration for conference.

Ø  The Participant Registration applies for two cases: One author has made the Author Registration for a paper and other authors of the same paper would like to attend the conference; or a person does not have a paper to present and wants to attend the conference.

2. Registration Form and Payment 

To fill in the registration form, you are asked to give the Submission Number.

If you register for the conference, for example, your Submission Number is “FMMME-376”, please use “FMMME” as the conference name and then fill in “376” as the paper ID on the registration form. DO NOT FORGET to indicate the Submission Number when making a payment.


3. Final registration documents

Final registration documents required to be submitted to

A. Filled Registration Form;

B. Payment Proof;

C. Final version of paper (doc, docx or pdf).



Conference Secretary:


 Teacher Wu

Tel. 178 7114 1207

QQ 3063623339

 Editor Bao

Tel. 159 7290 8436

QQ 3321420438



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